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Raise your Inclusive Leadership Game

The Factor 8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool (F8 DLAT) is an online tool which focuses on 8 key leadership characteristics critical to the success of inclusive Factor8 Leaders – Authenticity, Values Driven Leadership, Legacy, Self-Mastery, Presence, Passion & Power, Multiple Perspectives, Cultural Competence, TransformActional.

F8 DLAT can be used either as a self assessment or 360 diagnostic and measures your competency as an inclusive Factor8 Leader. The results from these assessments provide you with the critical feedback you need to deliver tangible results in your organisation.

The Assessment Process

The Factor8™ assessment process is delivered online via our secure server. Your confidentiality and results are protected at every stage of the process.  The 360 assessment is administered by a trained F8 DLAT administrator.

Stage 1: answer the questions
Indicate the level to which you display the Factor8™ leadership attributes and competencies by answering 64 critical questions. The questionnaire takes between 15 and 25 minutes to complete.

Stage 2: select observers
(For 360 assessments only)
Select between 4 - 10 observers and invite them to participate in the process.
To protect your observers' privacy and ensure their honesty, their feedback will be totally anonymous.

Stage 3: if you completed the Self Assessment version, download your F8 DLAT Report.
Your report is immediately available to view once the questionnaire has been completed.
For 360 assessments, a minimum of 4 observers must complete the questionnaire within the time limit set before the report can be generated. This will be generated by the F8 DLAT administrator, who will forward your report to you and your F8 Coach.

The Assessment Report

The F8 DLAT report provides a compelling 40 page evaluation including:

• An overall assessment
• Your leadership level - a F8, F5, F3 or F1 Factor8 Leader
• Rich description of each of the 8 Factors
• A full interpretation of your score against each Factor
• How your score compares against your observers
• Calls to action for each Factor

Factor 8™

Which tool is right for you

The F8 DLAT is available as a Self assessment or  360 diagnostic.

Both tools use 64 questions that assess 8 key factors.

To help you decide which option is right for you, we have listed the features of each tool.

Self Assessment

The F8 self assessment tool is for individuals who want to identify their inclusive leadership competencies, or organisations conducting inclusive leadership assessments.

360 Diagnostic

The F8 360 assessment tool has been developed for leaders who require complete and objective feedback on their impact on others as inclusive Factor8 Leaders.

The results are based on self perception as well as observer feedback. It is delivered by a trained F8 DLAT administrator as part of a leadership development or executive coaching programme.

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