For Executive Coaches

executive coachesProvide valuable feedback to your clients

If you are an executive coach or a learning and development practitioner, you can use the Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool (F8 DLAT) as an invaluable tool to guide and shape your clients’ leadership style and approach.

The F8 DLAT is currently the only resource in the market that focuses on assessing diversity related competencies as an authentic leadership strength.

It is not just another leadership evaluation tool, but provides an assessment of the extent to which an individual demonstrates the different leadership behaviours required to succeed in a multicultural or global context.

Use the F8 DLAT to help your clients

•    Identify their unique strengths as a Factor8 Leader
•    Increase their self awareness and highlight areas for improvement
•    Hone and refine their leadership skills
•    Improve their performance and value-added

F8 DLAT certified coaching

The F8 DLAT is evidence-based and has been tested in a variety of multicultural settings. It provides you with the critical feedback you need to add value to your coaching interventions.

To ensure that the tool is properly executed, we have developed a comprehensive train-the-trainer programme.To become an F8 DLAT certified coach we advise that you :

•    are an experienced coach or OD/leadership development practitioner
•    attend an F8 DLAT training workshop