F8 DLAT administrator workshop

For Organisations and Executive Coaches

This one day highly interactive and experiential workshop will equip you with the skills and information required to administer and debrief the F8 360 assessment tool.


These workshops are only open to:
•   Individuals with a corporate recommendation or
•   Coaching professionals
    All workshop participants will have to undertake a F8 self assessment which will be de-briefed by Diversity Practice executive coaches.

    Workshop content

    The workshop is fast paced and practical. It covers:

    •    Context and background to the Factor 8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool
    •    Understanding Difference as a strength 
    •    The authentic, inclusive leader
    •    The link with employee engagement and performance
    •    Using the online tool
    •    Unpacking the feedback from the 360 F8 DLAT
    •    Development action plans
    •    Aligning Factor 8™ with other leadership competencies    
    •    Diversity in the coaching space
    •    Dealing with the unexpected
    •    Team coaching

    Note: You do not need any technical skills to use the online administrator tools.


    The training can be delivered on site, at a location of your choice where there are 5 or more coaches being trained.

    Otherwise training will take place either on one of our open training programmes or as a web based learning session.
    F8 DLAT administrator workshops
    The F8 DLAT administrator workshop enables you to use the F8 360 assessment tool with your clients or employees.

    Arrange in house F8 DLAT administrator training for your company with a minimum of five participants.

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    Log into the self assessment

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