Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool

Different leaders

Your first step to Authentic, Inclusive Leadership

The Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool (F8 DLAT) is a powerful online diagnostic that improves your leadership performance.  It does this by focusing on the competencies you need to succeed as a leader in today’s multicultural and global marketplace.

The personalised and detailed report from the assessment is your first step in identifying and improving the attributes, competencies and behaviours you need to succeed as a Factor8™ Leader.

Develop your leadership skills
F8 DLAT tells you what actions to take to raise your game, and distinguish yourself as an inclusive Factor8™ Leader who lives their values, communicates with passion, presence and power, respects the beliefs of others, and excels in self mastery. Find out more

Attract and retain the best talent
F8 DLAT extends the perception, appreciation and value of difference; equipping your organisation with the unique insight and skills required to attract, develop and retain diverse talent.

Get the best from your team
F8 DLAT is a catalyst for increasing your cultural dexterity and ability to leverage diversity of thinking, inspire innovation and enhance the productivity of your team.

Transform the culture of your organisation
F8 DLAT provides organisations with a constructive lens through which to look at and engage with difference; delivering competitive advantage through the creation of a culture of inclusion. Find out more

Wherever you are on your leadership journey, whatever your diversity dimension, role or organisation, the F8 DLAT will help you take ownership of your leadership development and improve your added value.

Now take the first step towards authentic, inclusive leadership

F8 Self Assessment
F8 self assessment has been developed for all levels of management and leadership.

Expand your leadership reach and increase your influence.

self assessment

F8 360 assessment
The F8 360 assessment provides extensive feedback; matching individual perception against objective feedback from colleagues.

The assessment is administered by a trained coach.

360 assessment

 Factor8 Leaders
Factor8 Leaders are individuals who are fully authentic, inclusive and legacy minded leaders who draw on their values, beliefs, self-mastery, powerful presence and cultural competences to maximise their leadership impact and deliver results.

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