The Factor8™ 360 Diagnostic Tool

Succeeding as a Factor8™ Leader 

The eight key leadership characteristics used in the F8 360 assessment  are critical to the development of high-performing inclusive organisations.

Who is it for?

The F8 360 assessment is for:
•    Leaders who want to understand their impact on diverse teams
•    Individuals who want to improve their authentic leadership performance
•    Leaders who wants to create a high-performing inclusive organisations
•    Organisations that want to realise the full potential of their diverse talent
•    Leadership practitioners who want to leverage the diversity of their clients

How can I assess the tool?

•    The F8 360 assessment is only administered by a F8 DLAT administrator.
•    Individuals can contact a trained F8 DLAT administrator
•    Organisations that want to use the tool should contact us

How does it work?

•     Your administrator will provide you with access details
•     Login and complete the Factor8™ questionnaire
•     Select between 4 and 10 observers to provide feedback
•     Your administrator will forward your report to you and your coach once the report is ready for download

What is in the report?

The F8 DLAT report includes the following features in a 40 page report:
•   Extensive analysis from your observers' feedback
•   Full insight into each of the Factor8™ attributes
•   Your level of competency in all of the eight attributes of a Factor8™ Leader
•   Suggested strategies to improve your rating for each Factor
•   A full interpretation of your score
•   Your personal assessment as a Factor8™ Leader

What are the benefits?

The F8 360 assessment can help you:
•   Increase your self awareness/management as a Factor8™ Leader
•   Improve your impact in a multicultural setting
•   Gain better understanding of your leadership impact
•   Raise your game by drawing on diversity as a leadership strength