We have listed our definition of some of the terms used on the website.


A leader confidently grounded in who they are, their identity, values and beliefs; genuine and transparent.

Cultural Competence
The ability to understand, engage and effectively lead people from different cultures.

Factor8 Leader
Anyone who utilises their gender, race, ethnicity, ability or other dimension of diversity to make a distinctive contribution to the creation of high-performing inclusive organisations.

Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool (F8 DLAT)
The F8 DLAT is a leadership evaluation tool that assesses inclusive leadership skills. It has been developed by the Diversity Practice.

A leader whose lasting impact makes a significant difference to others.

Multiple Perspectives
A leader who motivates self and others to create a high performing inclusive environment.

An individual who has been invited to provide an objective assessment of a participant

Presence Passion & Power
The ability to lead and communicate with authority, conviction and impact.

A resilient adaptive leader who has total belief, self-awareness and self-control.

TransformActional Leadership
Leadership that sees the whole system, skilfully combining strategy with operational excellence.

Values Driven Leadership
A leadership approach rooted in a clearly expressed set of principles and values that positively influences others.
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