Factor8 Leaders

Maximising Difference for Leadership Impact

Factor8 Leaders are fully authentic, inclusive and legacy minded leaders who draw on their values, beliefs, self-mastery, powerful presence and cultural competences to maximise their leadership impact and deliver results. They lead from their Leadership Core of purpose, vision, values and authenticity; and use their diversity as a leadership strength.

Many leaders hide behind masks, limiting believes, derailing behaviours and coping strategies, which ultimately sap their energy and diminish their effectiveness. By contrast, Factor8 Leaders are completely at ease with who they are and leverage their difference to their advantage. This empowers them to realise their full authority and influence as leaders, maximise their transactional, relational, and transformational impact, and leave a lasting legacy.

Factor8 Leaders have the character, confidence and leadership competences critical for individual and corporate success in today’s increasingly diverse global environment.different leaders


The concept of Factor8 Leadership is based on extensive research, case studies and action learning conducted by the Diversity Practice on leaders drawn from different cultural backgrounds, gender, faiths, types of organisations and sectors. It pulls together key leadership attributes underpinning their success. 

Look out for our forthcoming publication “Factor8: Leadership for a Different World”; or visit www.diversitypractice.com for further information.

The Factor8 Different Leaders Assessment Tool will help you:

•    Identify where you are on the journey to Factor8 Leadership
•    Stay at the cutting edge of your leadership expertise, knowledge and skills
•    Extend your sphere of influence
•    Lead effectively up, down and across your organisation
•    Add remarkable, distinctive value to your leadership style and approach