About Factor8™

21st Century leadership for a complex global environment

Today’s workplace is a diverse and complex environment with employees coming from a rich mix of cultures, with various backgrounds and values. A traditional leadership approach is not necessarily effective in this context.

leadershipThe Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool (F8 DLAT)

F8 DLAT combines modern leadership thinking with unique insights from evidence based research, conducted by experienced academics, diversity practitioners and executive coaches, setting a new standard for evaluating leadership excellence.

F8 DLAT has been developed for all levels of leadership and management. Using personal feedback and objective observation, it accurately identifies your competency level in eight key areas. The detailed report generated provides you with critical feedback and actions you need to take to become an effective Factor8 Leader.

Authentic leadership the key to success

Your ability to successfully lead and influence others correlates highly with the extent to which you are perceived as being authentic and results driven. As a Factor8 Leader, your authenticity is complemented by the extent to which you are comfortable with who you are and the extent to which you confidently display and utilise the leadership strength that comes from your difference.

What is unique about F8 DLAT?

The Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool is unique in a number of ways:

Cutting edge
It provides a cutting edge 21st century leadership assessment tool that builds on traditional frameworks.

Bold approach
It boldly approaches leadership from the fundamental premise that diversity is a distinctive leadership strength that must be leveraged by individuals, teams and organisations for competitive advantage.

Specific focus
It specifically focuses on the attributes and characteristics critical in leading the multicultural workplace and global marketplace.

Missing piece
F8 DLAT provides the missing piece in the jigsaw of leadership assessments – a vehicle for effectively integrating diversity and leadership.

Benchmark assessment
F8 DLAT provides a benchmark assessment of current leadership competencies required to deliver high performing inclusive organisations.