Factor8™ competencies

Assessing leaders in today's diverse workplace and marketplace

The Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment tool (F8 DLAT) uses an online process based on 64 questions. A personalised and detailed report is created for each participant, providing feedback on the 8 key leadership characteristics critical to the success of Factor8™ Leaders.

The F8 DLAT is available as a self assessment and as a 360 diagnostic tool.

The F8 self assessment is quick and easy to use, providing immediate feedback giving the Factor8™ Leader insights into their strengths and areas for further development.

The F8 360 assessment incorporates feedback from peers, managers, direct reports and other sources, as well as coaching support. This provides a comprehensive insight into your leadership impact and influence as an inclusive Factor8™ Leader. Access to this version of the tool is through the support of an F8 DLAT trained administrator.

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The Factor8™ competencies

F8 DLAT is designed around the 8 key competencies of a Factor8 Leader. These factors are critical to success in the leadership of organisations in today's increasingly multicultural and global environment.

Who is it for?

Wherever you are on your leadership journey, whatever your diversity dimension, role or organisation; from an emerging leader to a CEO, an executive coach to a talent manager, educator to community leader, and government official to entrepreneur; the F8 DLAT is the leadership development tool for you. It has been used successfully by:

Individuals: Executives and Directors, Board members, Managers, Team leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Organisations: Learning and Development practitioners, HR, Diversity and Inclusion departments and Leadership consultants.

Executive coaches: Exective Leadership, Career and Life coaches.

How will F8 DLAT help me?

F8 DLAT will provide you with insight to your leadership behaviours and will empower you to take ownership of your personal development.
•    increase your self awareness and self management as a Factor8 Leader
•    hone and refine your leadership skills
•    improve your value and worth in your organisation

What is in the F8 DLAT report?

The F8 DLAT report provides a compelling 40 page evaluation including:
•   an overall assessment - if you are a F8, F5, F3 or F1 Leader
•   rich description of each of the 8 Factors
•   a full interpretation of your score against each Factor
•   how your score compares against your observers
•   calls to action for each Factor

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 F8 Competencies


A leader confidently grounded in who they are, their identity, values and beliefs; genuine and transparent

Values Driven Leadership

A leadership approach rooted in a clearly expressed set of principles and values that positively influences others


A leader whose lasting impact makes a significant difference to others


A resilient adaptive leader who has total belief, self-awareness and self-control

Presence, Passion & Power

The ability to lead and communicate with authority, conviction and impact

Multiple Perspectives

A leader who motivates self and others to create a high performing inclusive environment

Cultural Competence

The ability to understand, engage and effectively lead people from different cultures

TransformActional Leadership

Leadership that sees the whole system, skilfully combining strategy with operational excellence
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